If you feel stretched thin or pulled in too many directions, this post is for you! I want to share my approach to work life balance as well as a simple exercise for getting clear on what your balance looks like.


I view work life balance with a holistic lens. For me, success lives in balance. If you have a thriving business, but depleted relationships and no time for self care, there’s space for change. On the opposite hand, if your personal life is full but your work is unfulfilling or stalled, balance is needed.

Below is a simple chart for measuring balance in the core four personal aspects: WorkSelfSpirit and Community.

Work includes anything you do to build your vision in the world. Self is all that fills your well, tends your inner life and gives you peace (walks in nature, baths, vacation, reading a good book, listening to podcasts). Spirit is the time you spend attending to your higher self, whether you belong to an organized religion or not (meditation, yoga, church). Finally, Community is every relationship outside of the one you have with yourself.


Pull out a notebook and copy down the chart above. Use a dot to plot where you sit in each of these core areas. Dots closest to the center of the chart signify low satisfaction and dots at the edge indicate high satisfaction.

The example above shows a lack of balance and misalignment in most areas. This example is the aspiration: high satisfaction in every area.*

What does your chart look like? What can you do today to increase your satisfaction in the areas where you’re feeling depleted? List an action in your notebook for each area and plug that action into your calendar with a specific date and time to complete the action (ideally, this week!). Any insights to share with me? I’d love to hear them.

*A note on the aspirational chart: it’s rare to find total balance in all areas at all times. Don’t beat yourself up. The goal is to keep balance in mind and course correct whenever satisfaction in one area veers wildly out of wack.